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GENIUS-G8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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detailed introduction

Oral-B GENIUS 8000
The new smart electric toothbrush, by vibrating up and down and turning left and right, can remove up to 99.8% of dental plaque on the gum line compared with ordinary manual toothbrushes. The design of the small round brush head is inspired by dentist tools, which can completely cover and clean each tooth, giving you a smooth and clean feeling like toothwashing for 365 days.

• Polishes and whitens teeth from day 1 for brighter teeth and healthier gums • 5 cleaning modes including standard daily cleaning, gum massage mode, sensitive teeth care, teeth whitening and deep cleaning mode • Equipped with Bluetooth connection Oral- B App customizes the personalized brushing process to improve your brushing habits. New dynamic tracking device can detect the oral position you have brushed, so that you will not miss any brushing. Built-in triple pressure control helps protect your gums • LED smart light ring with 12 colors to choose from, to set a more personalized experience for you • Comes with 3 replaceable brush heads including CrossAction brush head (daily cleaning), 3D White professional whitening brush head (whitening) and Sensitive extra soft brush head (sensitive teeth)
• Comes in a convenient travel case