Smart Body Fat Scale Selection Guide 2021

Traditional scales are only used to measure weight. They are roughly divided into two types: pointer type and electronic type. However, with the development of technology, the current latest type of scale has developed into a body fat scale. The system and data collection allow you to understand your own weight, but you can also obtain fat percentage, muscle percentage, water percentage, bone weight and other data to match your weight and height to calculate BMI so that you can better understand your health index. .

Understand BMI and calculation method first

Before knowing the body fat pounds, you must first know what the body mass index BMI is. It is a more reliable indicator of the degree of body obesity, and its calculation method is "BMI = (weight, kilogram)/(height, meter) )”. Taking Asians as an example, BMI should be between 18.5 and 22.9. The standard is ideal. If the BMI value is equal to or exceeds 23, it is considered overweight, and if it is equal to or exceeds 25, it is obese. .

After knowing BMI, these numbers can bring out simple concepts, making it easier for you to understand whether the body is obese or standard. The next step is to explain the working principle of body fat. It turns out that in addition to BMI, body fat It can also tell you more secrets about the body.

How Body Fat Scale Works

The difference between body fat scale and traditional scale is that the body has a built-in sensor. Some brands have launched their own mobile app. You only need to set up a personal account in the app and enter your height, weight, age, etc. Simple data can generate a personal profile that is unique to you. When you stand on the body fat scale, the sensing component in the fuselage uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure your body fat rate.

How to use body fat scale

The working principle is as follows. When you stand barefoot on the smart scale, the surface of the scale will output a small amount of electric current that you did not perceive. When the electric current passes through your body, due to the fat tissue and When non-fat tissue encounters an electric current, it will produce different degrees of resistance. The smart scale uses an artificial intelligence system to analyze the resistance to calculate body fat percentage, bone weight, water content and other information, and it can also calculate BMI data.

Precautions for using body fat scale

Although this type of smart body fat scale can use technology to obtain body data, it also has its use restrictions. For example, the sensing element is measured from foot to foot, so the data it obtains may be concentrated on the legs The whole body and the environmental factors during use, such as humidity, foot sweat, socks, etc., will affect the results of the measurement. Therefore, it is best to find a doctor for a formal examination, and the body fat data can be used for reference. And encourage people who need to lose weight to continue to exercise more and control their food intake.

How to choose body fat scale?

To put it simply, all body fat scales on the market include the above-mentioned sensing elements and technologies, which can measure body data. However, when choosing a body fat scale, you can also pay attention to the following and configuration functions , Including "automatic power-on", "automatic power-off", "real-time data transmission", etc., and the scale body is best equipped with an "LED display panel".

  • Automatic power-on function - When the user steps on the electronic scale, it will automatically turn on and operate, allowing easy weight measurement.
  • Automatic power-on function - When the user steps on the electronic scale, it will automatically turn on and operate, allowing easy weight measurement.
  • Auto power-off function - This function is not very conspicuous but very useful, because when the electronic scale is not used for a certain period of time, it will automatically shut down, saving energy and extending battery life.
  • LED display panel - The LED display allows you to read data more clearly, and for the elderly or users with poor eyesight, it can make it easier for them See the numbers on the LED display.
  • Real-time data transmission function - Some advanced smart scales can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth, and then cooperate with apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, etc., to get the weight in real time. The data is instantly transferred to the App and turned into easy-to-understand charts.

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