Advantages and disadvantages of facial steaming machine

The facial steamer is a modern and professional household moisturizing and beauty equipment. Through scientific and technological means, water is converted into nano-level high-temperature mist particles to open the pores, unclog the pores, and help the skin to detoxify and eliminate Dirt, reduce dark spots and wrinkles. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the facial steamer.

In daily life now, the facial steamer has become a popular beauty product. So, what are the benefits of the face steamer?

1. Highly moisturizing. Through scientific and technological means, the water is converted into nano-level high-temperature mist particles, which can open the pores during use, so that the nano-water particles can be directly absorbed by the skin, and moisturizing is efficient, safe and thorough. Compared with professional steam beauty in beauty salons, it is more cost-effective, time-saving, and effective. It is not limited by technology, and is feasible at home or office or even when going out.

2. Deep cleansing. Fumigating the facial skin with the steam spray of the facial machine can soften the hair follicles and keratinocytes, which is beneficial to remove the dirt and keratinocytes in the deep layer of the hair follicles during cleaning and massage, and can more thoroughly remove the skin The dirt and cosmetics make the skin refreshed, smooth and delicate. It can reduce or eliminate the melanin deposits in the facial skin, prevent and treat facial stains, and make the facial skin smooth, white and tender. In addition, after the skin is fumigated with heat, skin elasticity is enhanced and wrinkles are reduced.

3. Improve circulation. steamingfacial machine sprayed out by the nano-level high-temperature mist particles can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the nutrient supply of the skin, nerves, and blood vessels, and keep the skin Ruddy, shiny and tender.

4. Promote healing and regeneration. Since the nano-scale higher-temperature mist particles ionized by the steamingfacial machine are rich in oxygen ions, the impact force generated during spraying is beneficial to enhance the skin’s oxygen ions Absorption. Under its thermal effect, it can strengthen the aerobic metabolism of the skin, increase the oxygen release of oxygenated hemoglobin in the tissues, improve the oxygen supply of the skin, reduce skin edema, exudation, blood stasis, itching, etc., and can also promote the skin Damaged healing and regeneration of epithelial cells.

5. Sterilize and reduce inflammation. The latest steamingfacial machine is generally equipped with an ozone generating device, which generates ozone when the instrument is working, which has a certain sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.

6. Refine pores. Most people think that long-term use of steamingfacial machine will make pores larger. In fact, this is not the case. When using steaming When the face maker is replenishing water, due to the thermal effect of the instrument, the pores can be opened in a short time and the dirt in the pores can be softened. After the face are steamed, the dirt in the pores will be very serious if they are cleaned with warm and hot water immediately. It is easy to be washed away (this time with the cleansing instrument will be better), after washing, apply cold water to make the pores shrink quickly, so that the pores will become finer and thinner!

The steamingfacial machine can expand and soften the skin pores, so that it can completely discharge dirt and oil, accelerate blood circulation, and shrink the enlarged pores at the same time.

As people's living standards are getting better and better, the types of steamingfacial steaming machines on the market are dazzling. Although the steamingfacial steaming machine is more and more sought after and favored by the majority of female friends, it has been dependent on the steamingfacial steaming machine for a long time. /span>, what are the disadvantages?

Next, let us take a look at the disadvantages of using the facial steamer

The use of steamingfacial steaming machine for cosmetology is done with the help of instrument spray or even boiling water, so safety and comfort cannot be ignored. To ensure safety, the spray condition should be closely observed at all times during use. The amount of water in the container should not exceed the water level warning line to avoid scalding the skin when the water is boiling. It will burn the skin or even damage the skin tissue and cause permanent facial damage. . Therefore, you must use it with caution and grasp the time; you should relax your whole body during fumigation, and pay attention to the unobstructedness of the equipment, so as not to affect the nursing effect and the mood and feelings during the nursing process due to uneven spray or insufficient heating.

For allergic skin, the use of the steaming machine may cause allergic dermatitis on the skin, which affects the appearance, but also fails to achieve the ideal clean skin and reduce wrinkles and blackheads. In addition, pay attention to the strength of the spray nozzle of the facial steamer and the distance between the nozzle and the face. These factors will affect the use of the facial steamer to a certain extent, which will bring people a bad mood and experience. Feel.


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