Understand AIoT in seconds

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) = AI (Artificial Intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things)

AIoT integrates AI technology and IoT technology, generates and collects massive data through the Internet of Things and stores them in the cloud and at the edge, and then through big data analysis and higher forms of artificial intelligence, it realizes the digitalization of all things and the intelligent connection of all things. Internet of Things technology What artificial intelligence pursues is an intelligent ecosystem.


The traditional Internet of Things refers to deploying a large number of physical sensors in a specific space to regularly collect and return environmental data, such as temperature, pressure, and sound. After integrating artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things system can not only sense environmental data, but also With the AI ​​deep learning technology of image recognition, as long as there is a camera or monitor, the computer can even "see" and "recognize" surrounding objects, such as people, vehicles, numbers, animals, etc., allowing the Internet of Things to evolve into a smart Internet of Things.


The use of AIoT technology not only reduces labor costs, but data analysis is the source of value. After an enterprise has built a smart sensing system, it will accumulate data in daily operations, and use high-performance servers equipped with data analysis software to convert data into decisions. According to, let the enterprise continue to learn and evolve. For example, IoT gives computers a sense of touch and direction, while AI gives computers vision and learning capabilities.