Popular Google Home supported devices

If you own a Google Nest Mini smart speaker, or are a Google Home user, you will definitely want to know which devices can be used with the Google Assistant among the many smart home products! After all, make sure that all the smart devices you buy support Google Assistant , and you can control all devices in a single interface, so that you can truly use the power of Google Home , a smart home platform.


Regardless of whether it is smart lighting, smart security, smart air conditioners, or smart home appliances and other related products, as long as the product has the " works with Google Assistant " mark, it means that it can be connected to Google Home and operated through Google Assistant voice. Next, this article will introduce the most recommended Google Home supported devices in each category according to the classification of smart home devices for your reference:

Google Home Smart Bulb

As long as you replace traditional light bulbs with smart light bulbs, you can get the ability to remotely control or voice-activate lights, which is very suitable as the first step in building a smart home. In addition, according to the different types of light bulbs, you can also adjust its color, color temperature or brightness, creating a light atmosphere is super easy . The following introduces three well-known smart lighting brands Philips Hue , Sengled and C by GE :


Philips Hue

The leading brand of smart light bulbs is Philips Hue . They have launched related smart lighting products since 2013. Up to now, they have launched a variety of different types of light bulbs and starter kits, as well as various light bars, modeling lights, table lamps, Outdoor lights...the list goes on and on. If you buy a color light bulb, you can use Google Assistant to turn on / off the bulb, or change its color, brightness and color temperature. However, it should be noted that if you want to connect to Google Home , you must use it with the Philips Hue Bridge bridge; the function of Hue bulbs that only rely on Bluetooth connections is not complete.



Sengled is a relatively affordable brand. In addition to the general color light version and white light monochrome bulbs, there are also a variety of unique products, such as smart bulbs combined with motion detectors, speakers or cameras. Sengled smart light bulbs can be divided into two types according to the signal transmission method. One needs to be used with the Sengled Hub gateway, and the other can be directly connected with WiFi . Although both can be connected to Google Home , the connection stability of the former with the Hub will be more stable than the latter. it is good.


C by GE

C by GE is a sub-brand of GE Lighting . In addition to launching colored light versions, color temperature versions, and warm white smart bulbs, there are also smart light strips available for purchase. Their smart light bulbs are very special. They need to be paired with their own smart sockets to connect to Google Home . Therefore, for the first purchase, you need to choose the starter combination that includes C by GE sockets. Although C by GE has also launched a Bluetooth version of the light bulb specially designed for Google , but the connection is not very stable at present. It is recommended to choose a combination of light bulbs that usually match the socket.

Google Home smart switch

To make the lights in your home sound-activated, while still using the pressing method to turn on / off the lights, it is the best solution to replace them with smart switches. There are many types of smart switches. Depending on the wiring, there will be single-open, double-open, single-control, double-control...etc. Before replacing, remember to know which type the original wall switch in your home belongs to.


Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch

Lutron Caseta is a big brand specializing in smart switches. Their products use their own communication technology to connect, so they need to be used with Smart Bridge , but the price is a very stable connection and fast response time. .


TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Switch

Kasa is a smart home brand under TP-Link , and has launched a variety of smart lighting products, among which smart switches are the most popular. The TP-Link Kasa smart switch adopts WiFi connection, so after the purchased switch is installed, it can be set to connect to Google Home , and there is no need to purchase an additional bridge.


Gosund Smart Switch

If you are looking for cheap and high-quality smart switches, then Gosund will definitely satisfy you, and a single switch often has a discounted price of more than 100 yuan. Like the TP-Link Kasa switch, Gosund adopts the WiFi communication protocol. It is easy to set up and cheap, but there is no need to worry about the quality of Gosund . It has all the remote control and timing functions that it should have.

Google Home smart hub

When using the Google Home smart home platform, if you want to use sensor-type devices to trigger automation, such as "turn on the light when it detects that someone enters the living room", there is actually no way to do it directly, because Google Home cannot effectively integrate "smart sensors" with other smart devices. Therefore, if you want to build an automated home, you must buy a smart hub or use a third-party software service to build a bridge between the two devices so that they can communicate with each other.


SmartThings Hub

The SmartThings Hub launched by Samsung SmartThings is currently a smart hub that supports the most brands and devices on the market, and can also be connected to Google Home through Google Assistant voice control. There are smart sensors produced by many manufacturers that support this Hub , including SmartThings’ own motion sensors, door and window sensors, water leak detectors, etc.; in addition, smart sensors such as light bulbs, switches, cameras, and door locks The device can also find the corresponding product to support it. In other words, as long as all the purchased devices can be connected to the SmartThings Hub , the linkage relationship between these devices can be easily established.



IFTTT (If this then that) is a third-party integrated service platform. Its application in smart home is similar to that of a smart hub, allowing devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other. "If a certain condition of device A occurs, let device B execute something" is the core command of IFTTT , so through IFTTT , it can be done like "when the indoor temperature is detected to be higher than 28 degrees, turn on the air conditioner Open" automated context. As long as the purchased brand supports the IFTTT service, you can set linkage commands between devices. In addition, IFTTT can be used to make up for the shortcomings of SmartThings Hub . After all, although SmartThings Hub can integrate many brands, there are still a few big brands that have not yet been supported.

Google Home camera

When it comes to voice-activated smart devices, smart cameras are usually not the first thing that comes to mind, but adding a camera to Google Home does have its benefits. Users can cast the camera images on smart screens or TVs that support Google Assistant , as long as they issue simple voice commands.


Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a smart camera with high hardware specifications, and it also has good software services, such as remote App monitoring, motion sensing instant notification, voice two-way communication...etc. If you subscribe to the " Nest Aware " service, there will also be a facial recognition function, which can determine whether to send an alarm notification based on whether the person photographed is an acquaintance or a stranger. In addition, Nest Cam IQ Indoor even has a built-in Google Assistant, so you can directly use this camera to get all the services of Google Assistant .


Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 is also a high-end camera with 2K HDR high-definition quality, and there is a spotlight above the lens, which can be illuminated at night to make the shooting picture clearer. In addition, the Arlo Pro 3 body is waterproof and uses a rechargeable battery, so the freedom of placement is very high, and there is no need to consider the problem of power cord wiring. It can be easily installed indoors or outdoors. Most of the cameras launched by Arlo need to be used with a base station, and the Pro 3 is no exception, so remember to choose the starter kit that includes a base station when purchasing for the first time.


Wyze Cam

If you're looking for a cheap Google Home camera, you won't be disappointed with what Wyze has to offer. The most ground-friendly Wyze Cam is only less than 200 yuan, and it has basic functions such as two-way communication, night vision, motion detection notifications... and so on. What's even better is that Wyze also provides users with 14 days of free cloud image storage. This kind of cost performance has made Wyze Cam very popular since its launch.

Google Home air-conditioning controller

Let the air conditioner in your home join the ranks of intelligence, how wonderful it is to easily adjust its temperature with voice control! If you install a separate air conditioner at home, and you still use an infrared remote control to operate it, then you can buy a smart air conditioner controller to connect the traditional air conditioner to Google Home . Most of this type of products support Google Assistant . The following is an introduction to the air-conditioning controllers produced by two well-known brands, Sensibo and Tado .


Sensibo Sky

Sensibo 's device, Sensibo Sky , has been selling well for a long time. After connecting it to Google Home , you can adjust the on / off of the air conditioner, temperature, wind speed, etc. through the voice control of the Google voice assistant. The real strength of Sensibo Sky is that it allows users to adjust the air conditioner without hands. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which can automatically adjust the temperature and mode according to the feedback in the room; in addition, it also combines the positioning function, which can be used when using Turn on the air conditioner before going home. But before buying, remember to confirm whether Sensibo Sky supports the air-conditioning brand at home.


Tado Smart AC Control V3+

Tado is a well-known manufacturer of home air conditioning solutions, and has launched many devices for controlling air conditioning and heating, among which Tado AC Control V3+ is their latest product. The air conditioner connected to this smart controller can be turned on / off and adjust the temperature with the voice control of Google Assistant; users can also set the favorite air conditioner mode, timer switch, etc. in the Tado App in advance, and arrange the air conditioner schedule according to individual needs . In addition, if Tado AC Control V3+ detects that "the window is opened" or "has left the house", it will send a notification to remind the user to turn off the air conditioner, which is very considerate.

Google Home robot vacuum

Adding a sweeping robot in a smart home can make life a lot more convenient. When you feel that the floor is too dirty, just pass a password through Google Assistant, and the sweeping robot will be dispatched to clean the floor. In addition, of course, you can also set a schedule so that the sweeping robot comes out to clean the floor at a fixed time every day.


iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot is a well-known brand of sweeping robots in the United States. Among them, Roomba i7+ is the most cost-effective one in the Roomba series. Memorize the room type and clean the specific room"... etc. With these functions, even the largest Roomba i7+ at home can easily handle it. In addition, Roomba i7+ also has a dust collection seat, which can automatically suck out the dust in the dust collection box of the robot vacuum cleaner, so that you don’t have to empty the garbage in the dust collection box by hand, just clean the dust collection every 2-3 months Seats are fine.


Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato is also a well-known sweeping robot brand in the United States, but relatively few people know it in Hong Kong. Botvac D7 Connected is currently the highest specification model among Neato products. It also has the functions of "systematic cleaning path", "automatic recharging and then cleaning", "memory room type and cleaning for specific rooms"...etc., suitable for multi-room type For home use. In addition, the body of the D7 Connected is designed in a D shape, which can effectively clean the dust in the corners, which is the careful design of the Neato robot vacuum cleaner.


Google Home Smart Plug

If you want to upgrade traditional electrical appliances at home to smart appliances, using smart sockets is the best way. As long as the original home appliance can continue to be used when it is unplugged and plugged back in, it means that the smart socket can play its role. In this way, dehumidifiers, electric fans, cleaning machines, desk lamps, etc. all have the opportunity to connect to Google Home by installing smart sockets, and then voice control through Google Assistant.


TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

TP-Link Kasa 's different models of smart sockets can meet your different needs. In addition to sockets of different sizes and functions to choose from, there are even 1 -to- 2 styles that can increase the number of socket holes. Among them, the model HS105 socket is the most popular. It has the functions of "remote control" and "scheduling", and because of its moderate size, it will not affect the use of another socket after installation. It is a very considerate design. . However, the HS105 has no way to count power consumption, which is the only small shortcoming.


Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Wemo is a smart home brand under Belkin . In addition to smart switches, it also has smart sockets. Many people in Taiwan know about it. Among them, the Wemo Mini socket is the most popular because of its exterior design. Its functions are similar to those of the Kasa Smart Plug HS105 . It can also be remotely controlled and scheduled, but there is no way to count power consumption. The long strip design of Wemo Mini can avoid affecting the use of another jack, which is also very considerate.


Gosund Mini Smart Plug

If you're looking for a cheap smart socket, then you have to mention the one from Gosund . Gosund Mini is priced at more than 100 yuan. It has basic functions such as "remote control" and "scheduling", and the connection stability is also good. This cost-effective advantage makes Gosund Mini one of the best-selling sockets on Amazon in the United States. one. If you need more than one smart socket at home, you can also buy a combination of 4 , and the price of a single socket will be cheaper on average.

Google Home smart door lock

After changing to a smart door lock that supports Google Home , you can lock or unlock the door through Google Assistant, or you can lie on the sofa and ask Google Assistant to confirm whether the door is locked. According to the type of smart door lock, some door locks also have functions such as induction unlocking, password unlocking or mobile phone unlocking... etc. Finally, you don't have to be so nervous when you forget to bring the key to go out.


August Smart Lock Pro

August is a well-known brand of smart door locks. Their Smart Lock Pro (priced at 279 mg) is still very popular. It is suitable for replacing "bolt auxiliary lock" type door locks. Only the inner side needs to be installed, and the outer side remains the original Keyhole. One thing to pay attention to when purchasing, in order to connect Smart Lock Pro to Google Home , it must be equipped with August Connect WiFi Bridge , so that the signal can be transmitted to the door lock smoothly. In addition, August also provides a method of unlocking with a numeric keypad, just purchase an additional August Smart Keypad to use with Smart Lock Pro .


Nest x Yale Lock

Nest x Yale Lock is a door lock jointly launched by Nest and Yale . It is also suitable for "bolt auxiliary lock" type door locks, and both the inner and outer sides need to be replaced. Since the outer part of the Nest x Yale Lock has a touch number button, in addition to unlocking it with a mobile phone, users can also use a password to unlock it. In addition, the Nest x Yale Lock is similar to the August door lock, and it needs to be paired with the Nest Connect bridge to connect it to the Google Home .


Google Home Smart Camera Doorbell

If your home has frequent visitors, a smart camera doorbell has its benefits. With a smart doorbell, you don't have to rush to the door every time someone rings the bell. Doorbells that support the Google Assistant can also cast a picture of the doorway on a smart screen or Chromecast TV, much like a Google Home camera.


Google Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell is a smart doorbell with the highest integration with Google Assistant. The product box comes with a set of buzzers that can be installed indoors. Nest Hello will start recording video when visitors approach the door, and send notifications to mobile phones, even if the visitor does not ring the doorbell. In addition, like Nest cameras, Nest Hello with a subscription to the " Nest Aware " service can even identify whether the person at the door is a family member or a stranger, and decides whether to send an alert accordingly. However, pay attention to whether there is a power cord at the door of the house before buying, because this doorbell is powered by wiring.


Eufy Video Doorbell

Eufy Video Doorbell is a cost-effective smart doorbell with 2K HDR high-resolution picture quality. Like Nest Hello , it needs to be wired for power supply, and it also comes with an indoor buzzer in the box. Eufy smart doorbell will also start to record the screen before the visitor rings the bell, and send a notification to the mobile phone, so that the user can know the situation at the door in advance. In addition, the Eufy Video Doorbell has an aspect ratio of 4:3 , and it is another feature that a wider video can record a more complete human body picture.