【10,000 Mosquito Consumption Coupons】The Consumer Council reminds you: beware of consumption traps/purchase cash coupons/prepaid consumption coupons/beware of middling

The Consumer Council received complaints that some citizens were attracted by the "Early Bird Offer" of merchants, prepaid consumption coupons to buy products, and later found that the goods were wrong, and there were also "impatient people" who registered shopping online and signed a commitment letter to spend later Coupon, only to learn later that the product was out of stock. The Consumer Council appeals to the public to pay attention to the details of the terms and conditions and be careful of the risks of prepaid consumption.


The Chief Executive of the Consumer Council, Wong Fung-han, reminded the public that various payment platforms offer different discounts, and the public should understand the details and consider carefully before deciding which payment platform to use; many merchants also attract customers with early-buy discounts, and hope that the public can use them early Consumer coupons, the public should pay careful attention to the terms of the contract, including whether an advance payment is required, or can be paid in installments, and at the same time, pay attention to whether it will be difficult to refund after selection, and do not trust verbal promises; if buying cash coupons, pay attention to the expiration date and terms .


Be careful with prepaid consumption

Huang Fengxian said that prepaid consumption should be more careful. She noticed that some telecommunication companies have launched a plan that "can give you 5,000 yuan in one go!" Huang Fengxian reminded consumers, "I assumed that the whole package was 5,000 yuan, but the original first-time distribution was only 2,000 yuan. The other 3,000 yuan, can you wait for it?" Will you only pay for the next electronic consumer voucher? Or do you have to advance from your own wallet first and pay by yourself? You have to think about it before deciding because the details of the devil are always in the terms. You really have to see clearly and ask clearly. If you go back on your word, can you? Cancel the contract? What are the consequences of canceling the contract? You have to think about it carefully.”


Think clearly! The consumption plan of using up 5,000 yuan in one lump sum has become binding after signing the contract

Merchants offer different discounts to attract citizens to pay in advance. Huang Fengxian explained that merchants want to attract customers as soon as possible. But she has repeatedly emphasized that as a consumer, "you must remember that this is the future money first. Now that you have promised some services or purchased certain things, you already have a contract. So when you choose different offers, you must be very careful. .”


Always remember the mentality "Don't consume impulsively, do what you can"

Huang Fengxian said that she understands that the government launched electronic consumer coupons to revitalize the economy, and the public is "bored so much under the epidemic that they want to spend money to buy their favorite products." However, the Consumer Council will never support consumers' excessive consumption, nor does it support impulsive consumption. Always remember that "you need to be able to afford it".

She also reminded merchants not to entice consumers to continue to spend. The most important thing is to provide genuine products at a reasonable price and provide good after-sales service. Otherwise, if disputes arise due to poor communication, they will only be "losing their own rice".

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