A+ Smart Life Smart Home Coupon 2022 Guide

Accept 6 payment methods of coupons
Support 6 major payment tools, including Octopus, AlipayHK, Tap & Go, BOC Pay, PayMe and WeChat Pay.

Support combined payment methods
You, family members or friends can choose the amount and payment method by themselves to combine and complete the order to purchase smart products. Customers, please select the payment method option of "Consumption Coupon/Combined Consumption Coupon" when checking out at the online store, and then the system will display the QR code of the relevant payment method. After scanning successfully, please send the screenshot to our customer service officer. .

In order to facilitate customers to pay with coupons, A+ Smart Life Smart Home Experts has launched A+ Smart Gift Cards. Please follow the steps below to combine payments immediately without worrying about the limit on the amount of coupons.

  1. Purchase "A+ Smart Gift Card" with coupons (the delivery address is not applicable to gift card orders, customers can enter it at will)
  2. Get the electronic code of "A+ Smart Gift Card" immediately
  3. Combine coupons using e-codes and pay the balance any way you choose