LED Bulb Lighting Efficiency Difference Big Consumer Council Recommends 3 Energy-saving LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs are energy-saving and durable, and many citizens have switched to them. The Consumer Council, in cooperation with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, tested 10 types of LED ordinary light bulbs and smart light bulbs, and recommended 3 energy-saving LED lights with the most energy-saving and brightest lights, including "Vibram", "Philips" and "Megaman". "Verbatim" performed the best, with the highest overall rating of 5 points.

The test also found that the color rendering index of some smart LED bulbs is low, and the color rendering index of white light and yellow light is different.

The Consumer Council tested the safety and performance of 7 types of ordinary light bulbs and 3 types of smart light bulbs. Among them, 3 energy-saving LED lamps with higher lighting efficiency and energy saving include "Verbatim", "Philips" and "Megaman". The measured luminous efficacy exceeds 110 lumens/watt.

According to the power consumption and output luminosity of LED bulbs, the calculation of how much light can be generated per watt of electricity is called light efficiency. The higher the luminous efficacy value, the more energy-efficient the LED bulb is when it emits the same luminosity. The measured luminous efficacy of the other 7 models ranges from 92.1 to 116.5 lumens/watt. The Consumer Council pointed out that compared with similar test results in 2015, the overall light efficiency of LED bulbs has improved.

The color rendering index represents the fidelity of the original color of the object under the light of the LED bulb, and the value ranges from 0 to 100; the higher the value, the higher the fidelity and the closer to the color of the object seen under natural light.

The Consumer Council found that the yellow color rendering index of the "Mijia" smart LED light bulbs in China is relatively low. When it is converted to yellow light, the measured color rendering index is only 61, which means that the ability to restore the color of the object is low; the other two The yellow light color rendering index of the smart light bulbs is 83 and 93; while the color rendering index of the 7 ordinary light bulb samples ranges from 82 to 85, among which "Philips" performs better, with the highest color rendering index.

The Consumer Council also found that the efficiency of the two smart light bulbs varies greatly under different light colors. The output luminosity is measured in lumens, and the higher the value, the higher the luminosity. The luminous efficacy of the 3 smart bulbs measured at the highest luminance output ranges from 84.6 to 94.8 lumens/watt. When converted to yellow light (color temperature 2,700K), the measured luminous efficacy of "Mijia" and "Tp-link" are only 46.2 and 58.6 lumens/watt respectively, which is low in lighting efficiency.

Consumer Council recommends 3 most energy-efficient LED light bulbs

brand Verbatim Philips Philips Megaman
series Classic A Comfortable Brightness LED Classic
model 65242 9290011638C LG7311
identify 10W, Daylight 10.5W, Cool Daylight 11W, Daylight
selling price $92 $45 $65
general comment 5 points 4.5 points 4.5 points
*The maximum overall rating is 5 points

In addition, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department entrusted an independent laboratory to conduct two safety tests, including whether the ultraviolet, infrared and blue light emitted by the bulb will pose danger to human organs, as well as protection against electric shock, lamp base structure, insulation, structure, marking, etc. . The test found that all models are used under normal conditions and will not pose any risks, consumers can use them with peace of mind.

According to the Consumer Council, there are 8 types of bulbs that have slight deficiencies in the labeling, including safety risk warnings when replacing heavier bulbs with lack of luminous efficacy, signs for use in dry places, etc., and will contact relevant suppliers for follow-up.

The Consumer Council recommends that for the sake of health, users should avoid looking directly at the LED lights for a long time, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by the direct light of the LED lights on the eyes.

Consumer Council Tips for Choosing and Using Light Bulbs

LED light bulb:

  • Different brands of LED light bulbs have different definitions and calculation methods of product life, so direct comparison is not appropriate;
  • Some LED light bulbs cannot be dimmed. Before purchasing and installing, you should pay attention to the warning labels and words on the packaging or product casing to avoid accidents;
  • Since LED chips are more sensitive to heat, if the environment where LED bulbs are used is overheated, the speed of luminosity decay will be accelerated and the lifespan will be shortened.

Smart LED Bulb:

  • White light smart bulbs can provide different yellow light and white light; color smart bulbs can also provide colors, such as purple light and blue light;
  • Users need to adjust the light color and brightness through the app and/or remote control;
  • Some brands of smart light bulbs need to purchase and install accessories such as gateways or bridges before they can be used;
  • Smart light bulbs are heavier than ordinary light bulbs. When installing, pay attention to the bearing capacity of the lamp holder, especially whether the multi-bulb type lamp can bear the weight of multiple smart bulbs; if the lamp holder is found to be loose, an experienced technician should be arranged immediately Repair or replace.

Source: Economic Daily News